About Louise

Louise developed an appreciation for the written word while learning to read. Shortly, thereafter, she became an avid reader of the Saturday Evening Post, her favorite of the magazines her widowed mother brought from the plantation owner’s home where she worked as a housekeeper. To make her mother proud and to have a career that would enable her to help others and to live where she chose, Louise worked her way through both high school and college—all the while dreaming of one day traveling the world as the wife of renowned singer-pianist Nat King Cole. Sadly, that did not happen, which she attributes to his death a few months before her college graduation.

Migrating to Lawrence,  Kansas—home of the University of Kansas Jayhawks—ended Louise’s teaching career. But rewarded with health insurance and pharmaceutical sales in Santa Monica, California, she went on to found, edit, and publish CONTACT, the Blocker family’s newsletter; and in 1994, she established the Blocker Family Fund to provide scholarships for her college-bound nieces and nephews.

The divorced mother of one sporty son, quirky grandmother to a prankish grandson, and alien aunt to four generations of nieces and nephews—534 in 2018—Louise is a dedicated supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Doctors without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity.  A member of the Independent Writers Association of Southern California (IWOSC), she enjoys the wonders of nature, the literary and performing arts, and the challenge of Sudoku.

An adept arranger of words, Louise hopes readers will find My Swan Lake Life enlightening, entertaining, and a tad exciting.