Reviews for My Swan Like Life

Nya, a sharp, eleven-year old great-great niece!

"I began reading Louise's book yesterday. I just finished it a few minutes ago. I could not put it down! It's truly an amazing story...history, family, and HER! Thank you, Louise, for sharing your life with so many friends. God will bless you for your efforts." - Bob Sousa of San Antonio, TX
“This page-turning eye-opening histoir reads like a good novel. I highly recommend it to those who grew up during the good old days of marbles, comic books, and dare I say the dozens, the origin of which is beautifully explained in Louise’s Swan Lake life. And there is so much more for those who came after us.” - Barbara Glass of Los Angeles, CA
"Dear Ms Blocker, reading your book is like reading a poem. It's just beautiful -- it flows as if we were sitting beside each other and speaking to one another. It's simple, it's easy, absolutely beautiful, and covers exactly what you are trying to convey. My Swan Lake Life" is a beautifully written book -- and I have read lots of books! Thank you, thank you for creating this new form, the histoir, and for bringing your insights and recollections to print." - Amazon Customer
"I can't think of anything negative about the contents of this book. The writer definitely exceeded my expectations with a precisive delivery of facts concerning slavery. This book is so much more than the writer's personal experience. It's like a mirror into the past that helps us to reflect correctly today. I am so glad that Ms. Blocker has gifted America with her acute rendering of a time long gone that echoes today. America needs the wealth that is poured into this book. Even in the recalling of her life through the pages, she somehow takes you back in time with her. 2-Thumbs Up"
"Must read, it’s especially good for the present day high school and college generation right now. Should be a school requirement for Social Studies it’s very informative. The book is very well wriiten it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Must read!" - Amazon Customer
“I just finished reading My Swan Lake Life, and it kept me totally engrossed. It is an amazing work and should be required reading in all our schools. I’ve mentioned it to several friends—as a suggestion for book club reading." - Dee Miller of Frisco, TX
“Hi Mom, sorry I missed you. I just called to say I am reading your book and really liking it. I have always wondered what you were like as a girl. Now I see ‘little Louise’ in the first and second chapters. Thanks and congratulations! Love you.” -Jason Williams of Los Angeles, CA
“Hello Louise, your book made me neglect my chores. I started reading and couldn’t put it down! True to the back cover, this riveting and engaging histoir is a captivating, informative, and entertaining read. I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it!” Dawn Glenn of Los Angeles, CA
“You did it! Congratulations! I am so proud of you, not only for publishing this beautifully written book yourself, but more importantly for overcoming the disadvantages of the time and place of your childhood.” - Martha Lightner, Phd of Los Angeles, CA
“Congratulations, Aunt Louise! What a phenomenal job you have done! This book has so much: history, overlooked heroes, unheard-of inventors, activists, my aunts and uncles whom I never met, but now know—thanks to you—and my incredibly courageous great-grandmother whose faith certainly moved mountains in her life and also in yours. I am bursting with pride, so much that I bought five copies and gave them to friends, including one of my professors, a Harvard graduate who knows Skip (Henry Louis Gates). Thank you! Thank you!” -Rodney Harris of Randolph, MA
“I really got caught up in the stories, but I found myself wanting more, especially about the historical figures. Perhaps this was the author’s way of making me interact with and beyond her interactive histoir.” - Eván Weekes of Los Angeles, CA